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Weed Pinball - AI arcade games
Battle unseen stoner AI in revolutionary pinball duels with 'Weed Pinball: AI Greenhouse Challenge!' Using ChatGPT for AI communication, experience pinball like never before. Challenge yourself, have fun, and flip your way to victory against a truly intelligent opponent. Get ready for the ultimate pinball showdown!
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Released: 4 years ago
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Kissiko is a cutting-edge fashion matching tool that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence and image recognition technology to help users find their perfect outfits. Powered by AI similar to ChatGPT, our app uses advanced algorithms to analyze ' clothing preferences and match them with clothing items from our vast
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Released: 3 years ago
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The Andromeda Mysteries
Solve a mystery of a ring of spies, or a stolen alien artifacts. Play on an asteroid or at the edge of a black hole. This sci-fi whodunnit lets you chat naturally with AI-generated characters to discover the culprit of the mystery. Driven by ChatGPT, this mystery game gives you
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Released: a year ago