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Meet Mix, your AI bartending assistant! With Mix, you can effortlessly create any cocktail you desire. Just tell us the name of the cocktail, and we'll show you exactly how to make it. Powered by the cutting-edge ChatGPT technology, Mix is more than just a recipe app. It's like having
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Released: 6 months ago
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What 2 Eat Today
Transform Your Ingredients into Delicious Recipes! Ever stared into your fridge wondering what to cook? "What 2 Eat" is here to turn your everyday ingredients into mouth-watering recipes! Simply snap a picture of your ingredients, and let our innovative app, powered by the advanced ChatGPT-4, suggest delicious recipes tailored just for
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Released: 2 months ago
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Al.ta Cucina: social recipes!
What can you do in the Al.ta Cucina app? 30,000+ Recipes and Collections: get inspired every day by new recipes created by the Al.ta Cucina team and thousands of professional chefs, enthusiasts, grandmothers, food bloggers, small producers, and many others… Nonna Maria: the first virtual nonna created powered by ChatGPT that is
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Released: 2 years ago